Who am I?

I’ve been a consultant and coach for more than 15 years. In that time I’ve cut code, written industry articles and designed change initiatives. I have coached development teams on lean and agile working methods, mentored senior leaders and managed major business transformations. I’ve also helped to create twin boys.

My major interest is in how we can combine discoveries in neuroscience and psychology with the approaches developed in the Lean and Agile communities to dramatically improve our workplaces. How can we translate our understanding of how humans tick into better business and breakthrough results?

I help businesses and people navigate their way to outstanding results. From experience, the answer always lies within us – I just help you find the key to unlock the right opportunities.

I’ve helped some amazing clients get even better across TV, print, finance, retail, film and many more. They include… The BBC, BSkyB, ITV, Universal Pictures International, Barclays, Global Citizen, Sainsbury’s and The Telegraph Group.