Human sensor networks: a new paradigm for cultural change


Thursday, December 2017


London - venue to be announced

Culture change: how do you know if it’s working? Wait for next year’s staff survey, or perhaps next year’s Annual Report? As change agents, how do we know if we’re really making a difference?

Enter human sensor networks.

Dave Snowden – of Cynefin Framework fame – has developed SenseMaker, a platform that puts together statistical data from human-sensor networks with “micro-narratives” from the people themselves to provide a powerful basis for action. “Instead of asking, “How do we create a culture of X?” we ask “How do we create more stories like this and fewer stories like that?” As people take action we can see and measure the impact on the network. We see cultural trends emerge in realtime.

Richard Atherton is an experienced coach and part of Happy Melly family as a Lean Change Management facilitator. He will share his stories from working hands on with a client implementing the platform. We will also create a mini network within the MeetUp to give you all a live experience of cultural sense making.

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