Melly Camp


Friday, December 2017


81-103, Wesley Hotel, Euston, London,  ​NW1 2EZ

Melly Camp is a gathering of change makers seeking new ways to transform their organisations and the world.

Melly Camp brings together some of the best Management 3.0 and Lean Change facilitators as part of a unique and highly interactive “unconference”.

So what’s an unconference?
This means that, on the day of the event, you and fellow participants get to crowdsource the agenda, depending on what you want to learn.

What type of sessions?
Sessions will cover the tools and techniques found in Management 3.0 and Lean Change Management – and maybe a few surprises.

Given the facilitators already confirmed, we’re certain you’ll have the option to explore these topics:

Who should attend?
Anyone with an interest in better ways to manage and lead teams and better ways to manage and lead change. This includes:

  • Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Programme Managers
  • Change Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Team Leaders
  • Management students (discount for students)
  • CEOs
  • HR professionals
  • ScrumMasters

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